Gift Card Hacks to Double Your Money

Thanks to Gift Card Granny for the perfect pic!

Gift cards are more popular than ever this Holiday Shopping season; they no longer hold the stigma of being the “thoughtless” gift they once did. In fact, they are expected to top over $100 Billion in sales this year.  But, even though gift cards are a terrific way to allow the recipient to get what they truly want, more than a $1Billion worth of cards are not redeemed each year.  That’s a lot of dough left on the table!!

Experts cite numerous reasons why people don’t use their gift cards including:

  • Lost cards,
  • Partially redeemed cards,
  • Cards that expire before they are redeemed, and, of course,
  • The gift card is for a store that the recipient doesn’t like.

So, savvy shoppers and gift card givers, listen up! Here are several websites, smart tips and other great gift card hacks that you need to know:

Did you know?:

Websites to Bookmark:

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards/Buy Gift Cards at a Reduced Cost

Check Your Balance

Gift Card Exchange

Turn Your Gift Cards Into Points

  • Plastic Jungle offers a program where you can turn in other retailer’s gift cards and be given My Best Buy points in exchange. Note: They also have a similar program with United Airlines.

Customize a Gift Card

Crowd-Source a Large $ Gift Card

  • Want to give a gift card to someone special for a large ticket item?  Organize a group of people to contribute to one gift card – check out how.

Other Gift Card Tools

Try these great tricks:

  • Use your remaining balances on pre-paid debit/credit cards to buy an Amazon Gift Card. Amazon has nearly every thing and anything you could want…
  • Use your Credit Card Rewards points to buy Gift Cards (It’s like doubling your money!)
  • According to LifeHacker, you can get cash back on gift cards you buy from certain places with these cards:
    • American Express Blue Cash Preferred (6% back at supermarkets), Everyday (3% back at supermarket), or the grandfathered Everyday (5% back at supermarkets and pharmacies) card
    • Chase Ink (5% office supplies stores)
    • Amex SimplyCash card and other Amex OPEN cards (5% on office supplies stores).
  • Use your Store card points to buy Gift Cards – for example, I have a Walgreen’s Balance Rewards card.  Once I hit a certain spending limit, I can apply my points for “dollars” off my current bill. Once I am eligible, it would behoove me to use those Balance Reward points toward the purchase of a gift card.  It *almost* makes it free!

Have a tip, trick or other gift card hack?  Share the wealth and post it here!