Meet The Characters

One of the great things about writing a novel is developing characters.  One of the hardest things is not being able to share everything I have thought about when putting the characters together within the book itself. So as a special treat to you, my readers, here’s a bit more background on some of the key characters in the book:


CEO of Metro Financial,  Roger Pritchard

Roger Pritchard is a bully. His brusque manner and ego-centric personality mask a deep seated insecurity that he has carried with him from his youth. Always overweight and teased mercilessly, his girth has only grown with time. But, no one dares to tease him now as his position as CEO allows him to have “no mercy” as he fires or drives out all possible successors to his reign. No one is immune from his wrath.  He just as easily dismisses his many blond, buxom girlfriends, who are attracted to his money and power, if not his charm and good looks. Roger is the king of the hill,  and he sees himself as the emperor of all he surveys.


    Macon Powers

Macon Powers is an icy beauty. She rarely smiles and barks orders as if she were a Corporal in the military. She leads through fear and intimidation, which her team endures as suffering minions. Her no nonsense manner and lack of pleasantries reveal little about her personal life, which makes her mysterious yet fascinating to Leigh. How did she get such power? Does she have any friends? Is it true she only sees her children on the weekend?  Who is her husband?  Leigh seeks answers to these questions as determinedly as she seeks Macon’s approval and friendship.

ashton 4Ashton Manning

Ashton Manning grew up as a vagabond, as his family followed his foreign service father around the globe. He is tall, blond and ruggedly handsome but unaware that he is good-looking. He is more concerned with important matters like world peace and exposing Wall Street’s malfeasance, which as a financial reporter for the NY Times, he’s does regularly. His passion for his job has earned him the label of a crusader for the truth but at the same time has made him one of the Wall Street titans’ most hated men.

Leigh Boyer


Leigh Boyer

On the surface, Leigh Boyer is the embodiment of New York chic and sophistication. This facade was carefully crafted through a painstaking transformation from her rather plain and mundane life growing up in the Midwest. She hides her insecurity well as she has risen up the corporate ladder in the world of high finance. Now, an insider into a world that she always coveted, she finds that the Wall Street of her imaginings is not the Wall Street that is laid bare. Her infatuation with the gorgeous Ashton Manning adds intrigue to her love life and further excitement to a life that she once vowed would “never be dull again.”