Reboot Your Life


Young woman watching airplane fly by from tropical beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Between wrapping Christmas presents, tracking down old acquaintance to send Christmas cards to and donating all the clothes I had not worn in the past year, I actually had time to read a book instead of writing my own. It was a book that had been recommended by a friend who had decided to take a sabbatical. I asked how she could take one, not being a professor, and she explained that anyone could take a sabbatical. It was not just an academic’s prerogative.

My friend had been inspired by the book Reboot Your Life. Intrigued… I bought it and started reading. I had never thought that you could proactively choose to take some time off (other than a short vacation). Not working usually meant that someone was retired or had been laid-off. Long gone were those summers during college where interning in hotel management in Aspen or back packing through Europe were possibilities. When you finally entered the world of full-time work, none of this was possible anymore, right?

Well after reading this book, I realized I was wrong. It takes some planning and probably an understanding employer but it can be done. And in fact, the benefits to your employer of having you return refreshed and with a better attitude are usually well worth your absence.

Just my short break from work during the Christmas holidays made this book’s message resonate. I am now plotting my strategy to get my boss to agree to a Reboot Break. New Zealand’s Hollyford Track… here I come!