New Year’s Savings Plan – Start Now; Save $1378!


If you are anything like me – you’ve said “Good Riddance!” to 2013 and have ushered in 2014 with delight. 2013 was not my best year – it did have some terrific things that happened, but mostly it was a year of more struggles than successes; more sacrifices than achievements. But, alas, with the New Year comes a chance to start all over and make 2014 better than 2013 – and hopefully by a lot!

So, with no further adieu… I’d like to share with you my easy-peasy 2014 Savings Plan, guaranteed to make you a great saver!! Now don’t think by any means that this is going to get you out of tremendous debt, help you buy a new home or car or send you off to Paris for a month… but it will line your pockets with a little play money by the end of the year or help you finance a small, but well deserved vacation (or even allow you to buy Christmas presents WITHOUT using credit cards!)

And, as always I like to give credit where credit is due – I came across this little gem from a blogger friend over at Finnegan & The Hughes – a blog who has also been a big supporter of Leigh’s book – so check it out when you have a moment or at least visit her Facebook page

The Savings Plan Basics: Save the dollar amount equivalent to the week of the year that it is (i.e. Week 7 of 52 = Save $7 that week).  So, save $1 the first week; $2 the second week and so on.  That’s it.

Here is a spreadsheet to help you keep track of it…

52 Week Savings Plan Print Out


DON’T WAIT – START TODAY!!!  Who’s with me?!?!