Friday File: All The Financial News You Need

What happened in the financial news world this week?  Here is a quick summary of the money-minded stories from our favorite news sites and blogs:

Credit Scores

  • The Myth of the Single Credit Score from LifeHacker – I’ve blogged a LOT about credit scores and their importance, the types of credit scores, etc – this is a definitive guide to what you need to know and what it all means.  As they say, the more you know…
  • What is a Good Credit Score? from Generation X Finance – More credit score coverage…
  • Credit Karma Review by Generation X Finance – Why EVERY consumer should be using Credit Karma and why you are fool not to – according to Gen X Finance.

Student Loans & Debt

Retirement Savings

How-To Guides

  • A Guide to Becoming Really, Really Ridiculously Debt Free – As Seen on Johnny Moneyseed – Yet another how-to guide.  I will never get enough of these and I will continue to post and repost them.  Why?  Because it’s all about timing – if one person reads this and is in the right frame of mind to *hear* the advice and actually becomes debt-free, then I’ve done my job!
  • Moolanomy always has a practical to-do or how-to list chock full of great advice.  This week is no exception – 15 Steps to Financial Success Plan

Mortgages & Home Ownership



Bonus Material

  • Jay-Z’s Tips on Productivity from LifeHacker – Jay-Z is right on with his advice so Listen Up! (especially to his budgeting philosophy…)  The guy didn’t get to be a bazillionaire by not knowing what he was doing…
  • Use Amazon Pricing Matching to Save Money While Shopping as seen on The Simple Dollar – and take it from me – this practice saves pennies – and a whole lot more!  So, save away while shopping and then you’ve got extra $$ for your rainy day fund…