From the Cutting Room Floor: More About Macon… *Exclusive Content!*

Since I’ve published my book, From Wall Street With Love, I have frequently been asked “What’s next?” and “What happened to Leigh in the end?” and “Is Macon that awful in real life?” and a barrage of other book related questions.  So… I’ve decided to share with you, my readers and fans, a few snippets from the original draft of the book – ones that were not included in the published version.  You won’t find these scenes anywhere else but right here on ‘Secrets to My Success.’ Enjoy!  And stay tuned for more to come…


“It depends on how you define success. By your definition Macon is highly successful. She has won numerous awards, is an Executive with a large financial services company, lives on Park Avenue, is a mother to two children, and has a husband in investment banking. But would you want to trade places with Macon?”

“No,” I said forcefully.

“Why not?”

“She seems miserable.”

“She is—from what I know. She has a husband who is always traveling, children that she barely knows, a job where she feels constantly under attack, long hours that prevent her from going to the gym (she always complained she was getting fat), and parents who weren’t there for her. If you wonder why she’s so bad-tempered, it’s because she feels anger, frustration and bitterness on the inside. Her exterior is just a manifestation of what she feels in her heart.”

“I always thought if only Macon’s hard exterior could be cracked, we would see the real Macon.”

“But Leigh, the real Macon is the Macon that you see. She has built up this protective Ice Queen exterior to hide her vulnerabilities so completely that it has now penetrated her personality. Every now and then a hint of softness escapes but she quickly snaps out of it and the Ice Queen reappears. She is what she is.”